The Windjammer

unique dining experiences across the seasons

Welcome to our Hallmark town

The new Windjammer will feature unique dining experiences across the seasons. In the winter, we offer outdoor heated crystal clear igloo dining overlooking Lake Huron. During the fall, winter and spring, we offer custom high-end Wine and Dine Experiences (often sold out months in advance – limited to once per month), and a vast Sunday Brunch offering that attracts people across several counties. During the summer, we feature live entertainment several days a week to entertain you while you enjoy your day…

Watch our Facebook page for other experiences such as: Bourbon and Scotch Tastings, Mimosa and Bloody Mary Days and much more!

The Windjammer through the years

Originally built in the early 1960’s, and named the Surfsider featuring a Polynesian theme. The Surfsider became the hang out of the jet setters on vacation. Originally being a supper club, it featured a who’s who of live entertainment and great food. The likes of Frank Sinatra Junior sang at the Surfsider. In the early 1970’s, the building underwent a major renovation to become the Windjammer with a nautical theme as we all know and love it now. As the new stewards of this historical venue, we intend to bring it back to some of its original roots with the quality of food and entertainment that it sported during the 1960’s. Having invested over a million dollars into a major renovation, with a brand new kitchen, bar, and more… The Windjammer will once again become the destination it was during its early years. Come and enjoy it with us, as we continue the modernization with detailed touches that keep it rooted well in its history such as returning back to the original lighting that existed while it was the Surfsider, and restoring the sail mast that made the Windjammer the icon that it is.

Upscale dining with
the best view of
Lake Huron


From the very start, we focused on the new kitchen. Having replaced absolutely everything that connected to it. All the plumbing, all the electrical and all the equipment. We also sought out talented staff to make it work. With the talented staff in hand, we spent time to research and foster relationships with non standard food sources that focus on quality over price. While price is important, the quality of the food sources that our staff get to use to create the dishes served to you, is more important. We are proud of the food sources we have chosen. We did not settle on one or two sources, we have now fostered over a dozen long term relationships with various quality food vendors, that value the relationship just as much as we do. We hope you can discern these differences as you enjoy your stay with us.


Several consultants told us we were crazy to try and set our standards so high for the area where we were located. They told us a high end wine program would never fly, they told us having too high quality of foods would never sell due to pricing. We kindly dismissed them and took the reins in our own hands. We can proudly say that we now have one of the largest wine programs in the State, and from the feedback of discerning palettes that they enjoy our menu selections that change every six months and the diversity of ever changing weekend specials. Our Sushi bar has converted everyday people into Sushi lovers from all walks of life, with regulars driving in from an hour or further away to enjoy the unique flavors and experiences. Please come and enjoy it… we have not stopped evolving and don’t think we ever will. More plans are in the works for the future, thank you for those that have experienced it with us, and for those that have not, we hope to see you soon !