Pizza Classes

Come and enjoy a pizza-making class where you’ll learn the art of crafting the perfect pizza. You will receive dough preparation training and enjoy making a few classic pizzas under the guidance and supervision of our expert Pizza Chef. This is a fun activity for kids as well and is strongly recommended for all age groups starting from 7 and up.

Truly a no-stress, beginner-friendly pizza-making experience. Learn the techniques to make the dough just right. Along the way, you’ll also get to learn some pizza history and receive some food education. Adults will get to sample a selection of fine wines to complement the pizzas being made.

After a couple of hours of class, you will return home with a pizza-making kit and one or two of the pizzas you made. Show off your new skills right away without any waiting.

Currently available only on the last Tuesday of every month. Click the Book Now button to select the last Tuesday of the month and reserve your spot.